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How to select a Processor in Embedded System? Video Tutorial

If we want to buy a desktop computer or laptop, first we will see what processor does it contain i.e whether it have i3 Processor or i5 Processor etc., that is because if the processor is good then the system will be good. Similarly, in an Embedded system,...
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16 Different Types of Diodes | Photo Gallery

Hi, my dear, we are here with our last article of 2016, a farewell article, in this article, we will show you 16 different types of diodes that we have in this electronic world… Come let’s have a look at them… And we wish you a very very Happy...
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Common Mistakes Done While Drawing Circuits | Description

We draw circuits many times, but do you know without our notice sometimes we do some common mistakes in portraying them. Today in our article we will discuss some of the commonly done mistakes while drawing the circuits. Resistor Whenever we draw a resistor, the...
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How to find the terminals of Electronic Components | Video Tutorial

Many of us will face a difficulty in determining the terminals of electronic components regularly, a small confusion will run every time in our brain whether we are using the right terminals or not!!! So, here is the list of some electronic components and how...
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Difference Between Voltage, EMF, and Potential Difference | Video Tutorial

Many of us confuse for the difference between Voltage, EMF, and Potential Difference. Here we are presenting a video to clarify the doubts among the difference between all the terms. Hope you enjoyed this post, if you love this article, then show your response by...
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