In this post we will see how to Download, Install and Run the Arduino IDE (IDE = Integrated Development Environment).

Arduino IDE is used for programing and to interface that program to any type of Arduino’s microcontroller development board.

Downloading :

Step 1:Type Arduino in the search bar of your browser


Step 2:Click the option ‘Arduino – Software’ from the list

(Direct Link :


Step 3:According to your OS select one of the options from the list provided


Step 4:Click on ‘Just download’ to download the software, if you also want to contribute something to Arduino you can go with ‘Contribute & Download’


Step 5:Now your software will start downloading


Installing :

Step 1:Click on the downloaded link to run the software


Step 2:Press ‘yes’ to start installing


Step 3:Click on ‘I Agree’ to accept the Terms and Conditions of the company


Step 4:Select the components you want to install and press ‘Next’


Step 5:Select the Destination Folder where you want to install the software and press ‘Install’


Step 6:Now the installation procedure starts


Step 7:Now a pop-up appears to inform you, to install the ‘Arduino USB Driver’…..Press ‘Install’ here


Step 8:Now the installation procedure will be completed successfully


Running : 

Step 1:Open the Arduino IDE by clicking the shortcut option from desktop or from the programs list in start option


Step 2:Now opening of Software starts and this will take a few seconds to open completely


Step 3:You will see an editor with ‘void main’ and ‘void loop’ functions at starting… now you can proceed with your exciting work with Arduino IDE.



That’s all with this post… we will come with How to program? What are the different menus in the software? How to compile and run the program? and much more in next coming posts.

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