We all love watching BEN 10, so many aliens coming and fighting, dishoommm dishooommmm… ahhh such a nice feeling of childhood. Have you ever observed, all the aliens in BEN 10 are related to electronics or science and technology?

So, here we go with our innovative idea of making a war between some of the aliens of BEN 10 and Electronic equipment. Actually, the war should be between the equal powers right, so we made a fixture for whom the war is needed to be taken. Come let us see…. who will win…….BEN 10………yeeeeeeee………..come-on-its-getting-late

Here we go with the first one

1. Our Micro Controller resembles very much near to Brain Strom, they both have a lot of legs and they have a good memory to store and think wisely.

2. As like as Armodrillo, our drilling machine will have a rotating hand, to that rotating hand we can connect different sizes of drills. By using this drilling machine we can drill different sizes of holes.

3. Buzz Shock releases electric energy from its body as much similar to a normal battery.

4. A DC Motor is used to rotate until the battery power exists, similarly, the Canon Bolt also rotates until it wants to stop.

5. Maybe the power of Chromastone is acquired to him by the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum, I think. Because as like as how the EM Spectrum contains so many different rays in it, the Chromastone also has.

6. What we can say about this tiny guy, Echo Echo, he produces the Echo signals which cause damage to ears due to its repeated occurrence. Yes similar to that, the Echo signals are the signals which are reflected by any surface. And we hear that signals only repeatedly.

7. A big is big all the time, as like Fourarms the Transformer is also very heavy among so many electronic components. Both are very strong either.

8. The most intelligent guy in BEN 10 is Grey matter, though he is very very small, he can do miracles with his brain, as same here the SMD are very tiny semiconductor chips, which are designed for the purposes like resistors, capacitor, LEDs etc.

9. One of the most loved aliens in BEN 10 is XLR 8, due to its speed. Similarly, the most loved processor in the market is i7 Processor due to its speed. Both will run like jets in their fields.

10. The heat from Heatblast is helpful to save the world and also to destroy the bad, similarly, the soldering rod is helpful to join the broken joints by its heat.

11. The Loadstar is the alien which produces heavy magnetic fields to destroy the enemies. I think its character is designed based using the normal magnets, what do you say guys?

12. A Capacitor first takes and stores the electric charge in it and release it very fastly whenever needed, exactly with the same qualities the Upchuck will take the energy in any form into it, stores it, and releases whenever it is required very fastly.


how-is-it-dudeThat’s all guys, now you say who will win the matches…..

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