We all have seen capacitors so many times. While working with them, do you got any doubt like how the capacitor is made really? Yes, obviously we have seen and studied that the capacitor is formed by placing two conductive materials near each other and some insulation should be present between them. How this technique is really applied in the Electrolytic capacitor and a Ceramic capacitor. Let us see now !!!

First, let us see the original theoretical design of a capacitor.


Now I have two capacitors with me, one is Electrolytic Capacitor and the other is Ceramic Capacitor.


First, let us go with Electrolytic Capacitor.


Let me show you the each and every layers involved in this capacitor now, and I will prove how it is related to the original design.

The outer layer i.e the plastic packing which indicates the specifications of the capacitor was removed.


The Metal cover was now removed and the original capacitor was out.

After the metal layer, there is an insulated cover to separate the metal plates from the metal cover.


Under the insulated cover, the original two metal plates are available.


Actually, these metals plates will be available in wounded structure. and each layer is again separated by an insulating material.


These two metal plates are connected to two terminal pins.


These are fixed in a fiber mount and they are exposed outside for connections.


Now, we will see the Ceramic Capacitor.

Here the main theme of forming a capacitor is common, but a ceramic material is used for insulation purpose.


so these are the two pins that are connected to a two circular plates with a very small gap between them.


Hope you all understood what is there inside a capacitor.

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Leela · October 28, 2016 at 7:43 am

Then how a insulator material(ceramic) works as a capacitor?

    immortalelectronics · November 1, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Hi Leela,
    In a Ceramic Capacitor also we will have two metal plates separated by some gap for insulation and the insulation is provided by the ceramic material. Rest of the working is similar to the Electrolytic Capacitor

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