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Temperature Sensor Module

Temperature Sensor Module (DS18B20)


For the measurement of temperature one of the best sensors in Dallas Onewire DS18B20. By using this Sensor we can measure temperatures in a room, car etc. The DS18B20 Sensor is the best replacement for the old temperature sensors where the output is analog and some additional A/D’s and D/A’s are required to convert the result as we need.


  • Sensor : DS18B20
  • Power Supply : 3V to 5V
  • No Stand By Power
  • Operating Temp. Range : -55o to +125o C
  • Measurement Temp. Range : -10o to +85o C
  • Accuracy Range : ±0.5o C

Connections With Arduino

  • Power Line pin— +5V pin
  • Ground pin — GND pin
  • Data Pin — Digital Pin

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