In the 21st century, our lives are dependent upon machines and they are replacing almost everything, for example concrete houses are becoming smart homes that can monitor your pantry, control of your house security, call your friends; Analog watches are becoming multi-functional, they can detect you blood pressure, calculate your calories and even sense when you are sleeping; Your phone is working as a virtual assistant, detecting your voice, reading your text, searching information on the Internet. These are basic changes that we have experienced in past 4-5 years but these day-to-day changes are few baby-steps in altering our way of life. We are moving towards a giant leap where a division of Science called Artificial Intelligence will become the essence of our lives that pursues creating the computers or machines as intelligent as human beings. In today’s era, Artificial Intelligence is a revolution that is slowly and gradually altering the course of mankind and re-defining challenges in intelligence. Today, AI is helping us to design security, recognizing voice, detecting faces, intercepting messages, exploring new places, simplifying data, analyzing behaviors, predicting our choices, making suggestions, even expressing emotions and the list goes so long that naming all is impossible and still we are only exploring the least of what Artificial Intelligence can offer.

AI 1

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In the year 2000, a robot name Nomad explores a remote region of Antarctica and locates meteoroids which have similar environment that we expect in space and this small exploration opens a door to use Artificial intelligence in future space programs that can push the research and exploration decades forward. Imagine the world where robots are travelling to the moon, exploring worlds and accessing forbidden areas where we would have never dared to travel without risking a human life. What if we can send an army of robots in Syria to fight our war and save millions of lives that we have lost in our war with terrorism? We could save our loved ones, eliminate the threat and keep the peace. All this is possible with the intelligence of a human and analytic capacity of a computer. Future aspects of Artificial intelligence is beyond our imagination, we can predict wars before happening, we can cure diseases, nursing patients with dangerously communicable disease will be easy and effective, we can truly create a world where nothing is impossible. A world where we can reach every man and woman, educate every child and provide hope for a better future where putting a smile on every child’s face for assuring education will be possible, where we can believe in anything and dream what we never dreamt in fear. This is not only a science project; it is a hope, but there is a high possibility that it turns into a threat as well because the power that we are giving away can challenge our own existence. Is it good to have a friend with exceptional intelligence but what will happen if they will turn into a foe? If the systems become self-aware and evolve by themselves then the technological superiority will be a threat to the existence of mankind. No matter what the future is one thing is certain that we are not only creating a machine with intelligence but we are creating something that is more than a machine and it will re-define our society for better or for worse.

Nomad Robot

Nomad Robot


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