Explaining topic to students
Explaining topic to students
Explaining topic to students

We love teaching… but don’t think we are teachers…. We love explaining…… but don’t think we are explainers….. we love experimenting…… but we are not scientists………

We are just like you the Tech Enthusiasts…. we love sharing what we know…… We want to be with students and live with students who can change this nation into a tremendous electronic power, so we are in search of them….

In this process of search, we visit colleges and schools to meet the students of different thoughts and ideas. Mutual sharing is what we believe, we share what we have and we take what we don’t have.

The colleges which we went so far,

  1. N.B.K.R. Institute of Science and Technology, Vidyanagar, Andhra Pradesh – 524413


So, if you want us to come to your institute just fill the form below… we will be there at you